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UNI-T UTP3305-II High-Performance,32V Power Supply

The UNI-T UTP3305-II is a linear high-performance, yet affordable lab power supply that features two fully adjustable channels and one fixed channel. The adjustable channels can provide 160W of power each, over the range of 0-32V and 0-5A. The third channel provides a fixed output of 5V and 3A. Internally, the adjustable channels can be connected in series or parallel, delivering respectively a maximum voltage of 64V or a maximum current of 10A.

A disadvantage is that the power supply only has a ‘coarse’ adjustment knob, making it more difficult to set the power supply precisely. Also, the 3rd channel is fixed, which means that it is not possible to set a different voltage, for example 3.3V. The power supply also has one button to switch all channels on or off simultaneously, which makes it impossible to switch individual channels on or off.

Weight 10.5 kg

Voltage range CH1/2 0-32V
Current range CH1/2 0-5A
Voltage range CH3 5V
Current range CH3 3A
Power 335W
Setting accuracy 10mV/1mA
Ripple = 1mVrms/3mArms
Dimensions 226 x 146 x 319 mm
Weight 10.5 kg



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