Et-8906 Intelligent Multimeter Precise Auto-sensing Capacitance Voltage

Et-8906 Intelligent Multimeter Precise Auto-sensing Capacitance Voltage

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Et-8906 Intelligent Multimeter Precise Auto-sensing Capacitance Voltage


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  • MIC-2501,2500V Insulation Resistance Meter

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    Electrical safety:

    • type of insulation: double, in acc. with EN 61010-1 und IEC 61557
    • measurement category: IV 600 V (III 1000 V) in acc. to EN 61010-1
    • case protection rating in acc. with EN 60529: IP65

    Other technical specifications:

    • power supply of the meter SONEL L-1 NiMH 9,6 V; DC 12 V 2,5 A
    • weight of the meter: approx. 0,9 kg
    • dimensions: 200 x 180 x 77 mm
    • display: LCD segment display
    • measurement results memory: 990 cells, 11880 records,
    • transmission of measurement results: USB
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  • UT222 2500A ACA DCA Digital Clamp Meters

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    UT222 are stable and safe 3 5/6 digit AC&DC digital clamp meters.It is perfectly designed with over-load protection for all ranges and the unique structure, making it a superb professional meter especially for electricians.
    An ideal tool for the maintenance and troubleshooting needed in metallurgy, manufacturing, petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, etc;

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  • JM SK05

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    PVC plastic material, environmental friendly, not easy to deformation, high oil-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
    Brand new and high quality.
    Suitable for screen separation of mobile phones and tablets.
    ABC industrial plastic material, more durable and higher deformation-resistant than usual plastic.
    Heavy duty suction cup.
    Can be reused many times.
    Used to remove phone and tablet glass panels.
    Ergonomic design,easy to use.

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  • UT213C ACA DCA Digital Clamp Meters

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    Main Features

    1. 10A/400A AC/DC measurement with Hall-effect sensor

    2. Auto range makes measurement faster and more effective

    3. 4000 display count, 3/s sampling rate

    4. True RMS measurement

    5. NCV, Non-Contact AC Voltage testing

    6. Frequency and duty ratio measurement

    7. MAX/MIN mode

    8. Relative mode

    9. Flashlight function for measuring at night or in the dark

    10. K-type point contact temperature probe for temperature measurement

    11. Large jaw of 30mm

    12. Data hold

    13. LCD backlight

    14. Auto power off

    15. 1m drop proof

    16. Complies with CE (European Union) directives

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