UT595 Multifunction Installation Testers

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● 9999-count LCD display with analogue bar
● 250V~1000V DC insula�on resistance test
● 200mA earth-resistance con�nuity test
● Loop impedance/Prospec�ve Fault Current (PFC)
/Prospec�ve Short Current (PSC) test
● Lock test
● RCD trip �me test and the data storage with one key
● Full/Half wave and count downing (30s) test mode
● 0°/180° phase angle op�on to detect the fastest
trigger �me
● Trip current test of RCD trip �me X2
● RCD trip trigger current test
● Phase sequence and missing test
● AC/DC voltage auto check and test
● Connec�on check with status real-�me display
● White backlight; auto power of




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    Standard Configuration

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    Iron holder      1pc

    High temperature resistant sponge     1pc

    Manual 1pc

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    Application Scope

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