LM 60 T Laser Tapes

Features of LM T Series Laser Tapes

Certificates: CE, UKCA


● One-button operation
● Single measurement
● Rear measurement reference
● Unit conversion
● Dual measurement methods
● Portable and compact


● Single measurement

● Dual measurement mode
● Portable and compact
● Continuous measurement

10,200 11,028


LM 60 T  Laser Tapes

LM T Series is 2-in-1 laser tapes with tape and laser distance measurement. It is widely used in home decoration, engineering and construction, and other industries requiring distance measurement.





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    Item Description:
    • Features:
      – Stainless steel material make it more durable.
      – Anti-corrosion with stainless steel forged process.
      – Easier to disassemble the electronic part accessories.
      – Common used in laptops, mobiles and tablets disassembling.
      – Special rolling-wheel design for better use in opening.
      – The end of the tool with anti-slip design make it easier for disassembling.
      – Precision processing technology on the metal part for better protection on the product itself.
    • Brand: JAKEMY
    • Model: JM-OP06
    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Color: Orange & silver
    • Package Weight: 45.0 G / 1.59 Ounces
    • Package Dimensions (L*W*H): 180*80*13 MM / 7.09*3.15*0.51 Inches200
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  • UT658B USB Tester

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    UT658 series USB testers are used to inspect USB chargers and portable power source of electronics products. UT658 series can output voltage, current, and power. Users can use these devices to monitor charging status of  any USB powered device.

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  • MRU-30 Earth Resistance and Resistivity Meter

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    • It allows to take the measurements of:

      • earthing resistance using auxiliary electrodes,
      • earthing resistance using auxiliary electrodes and clamp (for measurements of multiple earthing),
      • earthing resistance using double clamps for measuring multiple earthing without underground connections.
      • ground resistivity (Wenner method),
      • continuity of equipotential bondings and protective
      • conductors (meeting the requirements IEC 60364) with auto-zero function – with current 200mA.


      • measurement of resistance of auxiliary electrodes RS and RH,
      • measurement of interference voltage,
      • measurement in the presence of interference voltage in the power network
      • with frequency 50Hz, 60Hz,
      • selection of maximum measuring voltage (25V and 50V),
      • introducing the distance between the electrodes for the resistivity in metres (m) and feet (ft),
      • memory of 990 measurements (10 banks of 99 cells each),
      • calibration of clamp used,
      • data transmission to the computer (USB),
      • indication of battery state.
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    1. With PID programmable temperature control technology and the highest precision PID input program, temperature is both adjustable and stable while deviations are minimized.

    2. The heated aluminum is smooth and flat, ensuring a uniform surface temperature.

    3. This device has the following user-friendly design features:A. Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature display;B. Temperature correction feature.

    4. The double-sided internal SMT manufacturing process boasts clean craftsmanship. The signal flow is clear, and the machine is both stable and safe, further improving its performance and adaptability to various harsh environments.

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  • UT603 Inductance Capacitance Meters

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    UT600 series RCL meter is a kind of 3.5-bithandheld digital meter with stable performance, safety, reliability, highaccuracy and manual range. It can be used to measure the magnification times β of audion, diode forward voltage drop and circuit continuity. UT601has wide capacitance measurement range from 0.1pF~20mF and highaccuracy. UT602 can hold data. UT 600 series is applicable to testingresistance, capacitance and inductance of electronic laboratory, productionline, maintenance point and teaching. It is the ideal tool of maintaining formany users.

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