LM576LD Laser Levelers

Features of LM576LD  Laser Levelers

Certificates 576LD

● Osram LD green laser
● Self-leveling mode & manual mode
● Outdoor pulse mode

● 5200mAh Li-ion battery
● Type-C DC-in port
● Complimentary bracket

38,400 40,240


LM576LD Laser Levelers

These laser levelers are equipped with green LD laser, suitable for large or bright work places. Its applications include: horizontal, vertical, cross line projection for decoration, building construction, home decoration, renovation, furniture installation, flooring, and project layout.

Weight 3 kg



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    Features Of YX-960 TR Handheld Analog Multimeter:

    • Excellent DC resolution factor of 2mV.
    • Expanded resistance measurement from 020 to 200M.
    • Series capacitor DC to enable measurement of only AC components.
    • A large and bright meteor with a scale length of 80mm.
    • The sensitivity of 44pA at full scale.
    • Fuse and diode protection.
    • Measures hFE of transistor directly.
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  • UT333S Digital Temperature Humidity Meter

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    1. Precise temperature and humidity sensor

    2. Split type design with extendable spring cable for convenient measurement
    3. LCD screen
    4. Sampling time: 1s
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  • UNI-T UT3513 DC Resistance Tester Microohmmeter 4.3 Inch LCD Screen Cable/Coil/Motor Resistance Test

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    Model UT3513
    Resistance range 20m Q/200m Q/2Q/20Q /200 Q/2kQ/20kQ
    Resolution 1 u Q/10 u Q/100 u Q/lmO/lOmQ/lOOmQ/1 Q/10Q/100Q
    Test current 1A/1A/100mA/10mA/1mA/1mA/100 uA/10 u A/l uA
    Testing terminal opencircuit voltage <1V/<1V/<1V/<1V/<5V/<5V/<5V/<5V/<3V/
    Measured parameter DC resistance
    Basic accuracy Slow: 0. 1%; Medium: 0. 2%
    Maximum reading 22000
    Range mode Auto/Manual/nominal
    Calibration Short-circuit full range zeroing
    Sorting function 3types of resistance and voltage input: exceeds upper limit/exceeds lower limit/within the range,2 types of sorting result output: PASS/FAIL
    Comparing method Absolute tolerance, percentage tolerance, direct-reading comparison
    Trigger mode Internal, external
    Test terminal Four-terminal measurement
    Button functions Lock 一一 keyboard lock, OK 一一 screenshot
    System setup Language: Chinese/English, key tone setting
    Interfaces & protocols Handler interface, RS232, USB DEVICE and USB HOST communication interface,SCPI and Modbus protocol
    Upper computer software V
    Power AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
    Display 4.3-inches LCD
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  • UT-L20 leads

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