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YIHUA 959D-II New Upgraded Easy Plug-pull Hot Air Gun Nozzles Soldering Station

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[ New Upgraded Nozzles, Easy Plug-pull ] The air nozzle with no screws. No need to unscrew during replacing the nozzle after you get the 959D-II
[ New Upgraded Holder, Storage & Detach Nozzle ]  The air nozzle of the air gun can be quickly replaced and disassembled, no need to wait for the nozzle to cool down
[ Advanced Functions, Safety Features ] An in-holder standby function to help cool the hot air gun when it is not in use, preserving your hot air gun in mint condition for longer. Equipped with YIHUA’s exclusive Hot Air Gun Fail-safe function to make your work safer, and effectively prevent the risk of any fire hazards.
[ Customizable Functions to Work ] °C / °F Display, Digital Temperature Calibration, Buzzer Promot
Model: 959D-II
Rated Voltage Range:110V-127V
Rated Power: 700W
Rated Frequency: 60Hz
Main Unit Dimensions: L170*W95*H130mm ±5mm
Temperaturanzeige: LED
Air delivery: Brushless fan with smooth air delivery
Output Air Volume: ≤120L/min
Operating Environment Temperature: 0〜40℃/32℉〜104℉



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