UT15 Series Waterproof Type Voltage Tester

Applications of UT15 Series Waterproof Type Voltage Tester

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UT15 Series test pen has the functions: AC/DC voltage measurement (include three-phase AC), phase position indication of three-phase AC, continuity test and single probe measurement (judge null wire or live wire). It can also solve the complex problems of electric, factory automation, etc.




Specifications of UT15 Series Waterproof Type Voltage Tester

Specifications Range UT15B UT15C
LED AC/DC voltage indication (V) 12V 0~12V 0~12V
24V 17V±2V 17V±2V
50V 35V±5V 35V±5V
120V 80V±15V 80V±15V
230V 165V±20V 165V±20V
400V 300V±30V 300V±30V
690V 510V±40V 510V±40V
Phase rotation test Operating Voltage: 0V~690V
Frequency: 50Hz~60Hz
Single lead (L2) voltage detection Operating Voltage: 0V~690V
Frequency: 50Hz~400Hz
Continuity  test Resistance: 0~100kΩ
Beeper and LED light Indicator
Polarity detection Positive & Negative
Water-proof (IP65)
Auto range
Work light
Low battery indication Short circuit two leads, LED and beeper off when the bettery is low  √
LCD AC/DC voltage display 24V~690V ±(3%+5)
General Characteristics
Power 1.5V battery (R03) × 2
Display UT15C- 23mm × 12mm
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight 210g
Product size (W x H x D) 275mm × 51mm × 30mm
Standard accessories Batteries
Standard individual packing Blister, English manual
Standard quantity per carton 30 pcs
Standard carton measurement 440mm × 395mm × 455mm (0.079CBM Per standard carton)



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