Features Of Analog Multimeter DE360TRN:

  • Tests AC voltage, DC voltage, DC current, resistance, continuity and batteries.
  • 20kOhm/V DC sensitivity.
  • Mirrored scale.
  • With fuse overload protection circuitry incorporated.
  • Easy to read, colour-coded analogue displays.
  • Manual range selection.
  • Pocket-sized analogue tester.

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Analog Multimeter DE360TRN

Analog Multimeter DE360TRN is easy to read, colour-coded analogue displays. Analog meter DE360TRN, you can use it to measure AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, diode check, continuity and transistor leak current, for DC current. This meter can measure as low as 10 microamps and up to 250 mA, which is hard to do with a digital multimeter. The acts as an ammeter with low series resistance to measure direct current. For measuring high current, we connect a shunt resistor across the galvanometer so that the current through the galvanometer does not cross its maximum allowed value. Here, a significant portion of the current to be measured bypasses through the shunt. With that shunt resistance, an analogue multimeter can measure even milli-ammeter or ammeter ranges of current.


Specifications Of Analog Meter DE360TRN Analog Ohmmeter:

  1. DCV: 0 – 0.1V ±1% 0.25V/2.5/10V/50V/250/1000 ±3%
  2. ACV: 0 -10/50/250/1000V ±4%
  3. DCA: 0 – 50µA/2.5mA/25mA/250mA ±3%
  4. Resistance: 0 – 2K/20K/200K/2M/20Mohm ±3% *dB: -10 dB – 22 dB
  5. Light: Diode check (including LED)
  6. Continuity: both Buzzer & flash
  7. Transistor leak current Features: All range fused
  8. Compact size
  9. Tilt back-stand
  10. Continuity flash
  11. 0-ohm adjustment


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