Battery Load Tester – BT 100D


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  • 100 Amp Digital Battery Load Tester
  • Microprocessor Control–makes for an easy and accurate load test with no need to time yourself
  • Bright, LED Digital Display–indicates both voltage and test results
  • Unique 3-Step Design–LED polarity check function, battery load test and charging system test readout
  • Super-Grip Battery Clamps–heavy-duty and color-coded
  • Baked Enamel, Steel Case–ventilated to keep cool
  • Rubber Insulated Carrying Handle–for comfort and safety
  • Checks both Battery and Charging System

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The BT-100D 100+ Amp Digital Battery Load Tester is microprocessor controlled. It makes for an easy and accurate load test with no need to time yourself to get accurate results. Bright, LED Digital Display indicates both voltage and test results. A unique 3-Step Design provides LED polarity check function, battery load test and charging system test readout. Automatically Turns Off the Load after 10 seconds and locks the voltage. Super-Grip Battery Clamps are heavy-duty and color-coded. Baked Enamel, Steel Case to keep cool. Rubber Insulated Carrying Handle–for comfort and safety. Checks both Battery and Charging System.

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Dimensions 15 × 8 × 6 cm

12 Volt Battery Analysis

Press “START TEST” & wait for 10 seconds.
Once automatic test cycle is completed, your test results will be:

Battery capacity is good. May or may not be fully charged.
Determine state of charge by checking specific gravity (use hydrometer). If gravity is less than full charge, check for possible charging system trouble or electrical drain. Recharge battery to fully charged level.

Review the load test result with the comparison chart on the tester cover to see if this battery is “OK” or not. If it is “OK”, go up to 1ST “OK” state. If it is not, go down to 3rd “WEAK” state.

Battery capacity is unsatisfactory. Battery may be either: (1) defective or (2) partially discharged. To determine which, check specific gravity. If gravity is over 1.225, battery is considered defective. If gravity is under 1.225, recharge battery and re-test. If cell-to-cell gravity varies more than 0.025 (25 points), cell trouble may exist. If charging does not bring gravity to fully charged level, the battery is either sulfated or has lost active material.

Battery may be defective (e.g. a bad cell).

NOTE: If pre-test battery voltage is below 12.3V, tester will not allow and should not perform the load test. Please fully charge battery and retest.



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