YTH-170 Multi Functional Stainless Steel Cutting Pliers Cable Cutter DIY Electronics Diagonal Clamp Side Cutting Pliers Wire

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YTH-170 Multi Functional Stainless Steel Cutting Pliers Cable Cutter DIY Electronics Diagonal Clamp Side Cutting Pliers Wire



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  • UT125C Pocket Size Digital Multimeter

    0 out of 5

    1. Small size, easy to carry and operate

    2. 600V DC/AC voltage measurement
    3. 400mA DC/AC current measurement
    4. Resistance/Capacitance/Diode/Continuity test
    5. Frequency/Duty cycle measurement
    6. CE (EMC, LVD, RoHS), cETLus
    7. CAT III 600V
    8. 1m drop test
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  • JAKEMY JM-CT4-3 crimping plier crimping diy repair hand tool

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    JAKEMY JM-CT4-3 Network 4P 6P 8P crimping plier crimping diy repair hand tool

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    About this item

    • This 929D-V desoldering iron integrates soldering iron and desoldering pump, you can enjoy the single-handed and continuous desoldering with its short charging handle to rid the hassle of changing grip positions. If you are looking to purchase a desoldering tool that can handle the desoldering jobs of through-hole components and removing excess solder (solder bridges) without jamming up, this is a great choice.
    • This is a plug-n-play desoldering iron. Plug in the power plug, allow the desoldering iron to preheat for approximately 3 minutes, and you are ready to go. YIHUA exclusive heating system combined with a strong desoldering pump ensures you experience uninterrupted desoldering.
    • Different from the traditional use-and-throw desoldering irons, the 929D-V can be used, easily cleaned, and reused. You can lift and pull out the scrap solder storage tube and clean the solder out like a breeze. Meanwhile, we also included 2 different and interchangeable diameters (φ1.0mm & φ1.2mm) desoldering nozzles for different sizes of through-hole components. NOTE: change the nozzle after the desoldering iron has cooled completely.
    • This desoldering iron comes with a heat deflector at the end of the heating element, and this prevents the excess heat from transferring onto the hand when desoldering continuously. You can desolder joints after joints without your hands feeling uncomfortably hot.
    • Choose YIHUA with Confidence – Our US-exclusive 12-month manufacturer warranty will apply to your purchase. Plus, our team is providing professional assistance 24/7 on Amazon. NOTE: This model only works on 110-127V with its USA plug. This product contains electrical insulator protective material (mica), it is normal for the product to emit white fumes for no longer than 20 minutes on first use. This is a normal and intended occurrence for this product, please rest assure for safe usage.
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  • DC Power Supply UTP3313TFL

    0 out of 5


    1. Single channel, 3-bit digital display, shows voltage and current simultaneously

    2. Voltage display resolution: 100mV; current display resolution: 10mA

    3. Voltage output: 0~30V consecutive and adjustable voltage

    4. Current output: 0~3A

    5. Auto voltage and current stabilization conversion, current limiting protection, undamaged for any external usage


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  • UT347A Leeb Hardness Tester

    0 out of 5

    Features of UT347A Leeb Hardness Tester

    Certificates: CE (In processing), UKCA

    ● 6 kinds of hardness values (HL, HB, HRC, HRB, HV, HS) is a real-time measurement
    ● One hardness tester can be equipped with 7 different impact devices
    ● Automatic identification without calibration when replacing impact device
    ● Statistical, multi-unit, line chart, histogram 4 measurement modes
    ● Camera: 640×480 pixels (900 BMP format pictures could be stored)
    ● Automatic alarm when the upper and lower limits are exceeded
    ● Adjustable backlight brightness
    ● Mobile phone Bluetooth APP and PC software analysis data
    ● Support thermal printing
    ● Tri-color LED indication and LED flashlight
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  • KT-400 Thermal Imager

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    Camera features

    • high sensitivity of detectors and a wide temperature range
    • comprehensive image analysis tools
    • intuitive user interface
    • IR video recording (on the SD card or computer disc)
    • built-in report module
    • different imaging modes: IR, visual, PIP, MIF
    • built-in visual camera: 5 Mpx
    • built-in: LED torch, laser pointer
    • interfaces: Micro USB2.0, Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, Mini HDMI, slot microSD
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