TITAN 1502 DS Power Supply

1502DS Adjustable Digital DC Regulator Power Supply12V2.0A:Output Voltage:15VDC Output current:2A input voltage: AC220+10% Output power:30(W) frequency range:50

3,000 3,700

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  • 1502DS 15V 2A LED Display variable regulated output dc power supply

    Output current: combination (A)
    input voltage: AC220 +10%(V):(V)015
    output voltage
    Output power: 30(W)
    frequency range: 50~60(HZ)
    product certification: CE
    Digital display,15Vvoltage.2A current.
    Digital display,15Vvoltage.2A current.
    KADA – 1502 DS High efficiency, light weight, small volume
    High power density
    Overload cut-off protection function0-15V continuously adjustable
    Special power supply for mobile phone repair
    Input voltage: 220V

Additional information

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 28 × 24 × 1 cm



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