UT620A Digital Micro Ohm Meter

Features of UT620A Digital Micro Ohm Meter

● Comparison measurement with upper and lower limits
● Wire length measurement (m/ft)
● Built-in Lithium battery
● 1000-group data storage
● Improved measurement method which improves accuracy by counter-balancing contact resistance of leads
● Data transmission between USB and PC
● Data hold
● LCD backlight
● Zeroing function, relative mode
● IND resistance measurement mode

111,910 119,900


UT620A Digital Micro Ohm Meter

UT620A is used to measure DC low resistance through 4-wire method. Its features are: Comparison function to determine if the device is in good condition, unkown wire length calculation (FT/M); two-way data transmission by USB interface. UT620A can be used in narrow space for on-site troubleshooting, such as metal coating resistance, motor and small transformer winding resistance, welding points, power distribution cabinet bus, lead connection inspections, and more.



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    1、True RMS for the whole series;
    2、Measure signals with varied frequency (VFC);
    3、Measure large capacitance up to 100mF;
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