Winhy 17B Digital Multimeter DMM


  1. 6000 counter is 35/6 automatic digital instrument, stable performance, high precision and high reliability
  2. Using a battery-driven automatic digital multimeter, the instrument uses 21mm high LCD display, reading clear.
  3. About 15 seconds delay backlit, high voltage alarm and overload protection, use more convenient.
  4. The series of instruments can be used to measure DC voltage and AC voltage DC current and AC current, resistance, capacitance diode, temperature, switch test, true RMS measurement, LED high voltage output measurement and frequency parameters is a superior performance instrument, Factories, ideal for radio enthusiasts.
  5. With automatic shutdown,frequency test, beep continuity test, overload protection as well as short circuit protection to make your power using much more safe.


DC voltage range and accuracy: 600mV 6V 60V 600V ¡À (0.5% + 3), 1000V ¡À (0.8% + 10)
AC voltage range and accuracy: 6V 60V 600V ¡À (0.8% + 5) / 750V ¡À (1.2% + 10)
DC current range and accuracy: 600¦ÌA6000mA (0.8% + 3) / 60mA 600mA 10 (2% + 30)
AC current range and accuracy: 600¦ÌA6000¦ÌA ¡À (0.8% + 10), 60mA 600mA 10A ¡À (2% + 30)
Resistance range and accuracy: 600¦¸ (0.8% + 5) / 6K¦¸60K¦¸600K¦¸6M¦¸ ¡À (0.8% + 3), 60M¦¸ ¡À (1% + 25)
Capacitance range and accuracy: 60nf 600nf 6uf 60uf (3.5.0% + 20) / 600uf / 6000uF (¡À 5.0% + 10)
Frequency range and accuracy: 10 HZ 100HZ 1KHZ 10KHZ 100KHZ 1MHZ / 20MHZ (¡À 0.1% + 3)
Display: 6000 count
Hold mode
Automatic shutdown
Frequency test
Beep continuity test
Overload protection
Short circuit protection

Package Include:

1 X Winhy 17B + Digital Multimeter
1 X TL75 test leads, with two caps
1 X Thermocouple temperature probe
1 X User Manual


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