UNI-T UTD2202CEX+ Digital Storage Oscilloscope – 200MHz 2 Ch

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UNI-T UTD2202CEX+ Digital Storage Oscilloscope – 200MHz 2 Ch

UNI-T CEX+ series provides a richer trigger mode, 34 kinds of automatic parameter measurement and common mathmatical operation functions, and optimizes the panel operation, which greatly improves the work efficiency and easily cope with the measurement needs of complex signals.




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  • UDP1306C Industrial Linear DC Power Supply

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    Features of UDP1306C Industrial Linear DC Power Supply:

    • 4-digit high precision display
    • OVP OCP OTP protection
    • Output setting viewable
    • Remote control (output ON/OFF)
    • Shutdown memory/keypad lock
    • Intelligent cooling fan
    • USB charging interface
    • RS232 program-controlled communication
    • USB device communication
    • 5 sets of data storage
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  • UT658LOAD USB Testers

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    Features of UT658 Series USB Testers

    Certifications: CE, UKCA

    ● Type-A/C interface

    ● CE certification

    ● 10 sets of data storage

    ● Loop equivalent resistance measurement (1-480Ω)

    ● Same screen shows voltage, current, power, capacity, etc.

    ● Support fast charge protocol

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  • UT262A Non-Contact Phase Detector

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    UT262 series adopts clamp type non-contact measuring method, which means user doesn’t need to get in touch with high-voltage exposed wires. It can start detection after three super-induction and high-insulation clamps clamp the exterior of the three-phase wires, which is safer, more practical, and more effective. Beside phase sequence detection, UT262 series can be also used for live wire detection, simple electrical inspection, phase identification, missing-phase judgment, and wire breaker searching. It is a perfect tool for phase sequence detection, motor mounting, and wires maintenance.

    SKU: 22000
  • TDR-410 Cable Fault Locator

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    • Features:

      • automatic or manual mode:
        • the automatic fault location (AFL),
        • mode with manual range selection and sensitivity,
        • single measurement triggered manually or scanning continuous,
      • 11 available ranges from 7 m to 4000 m selected in manual mode or matched automatically,
      • maximum length of cable up to 4000 m one end of the cable,
      • “Dead zone” measure limited to 0.5 m,
      • 2.5 “LCD screen with backlight,
      • scan automatically or manually trigger,
      • sensitivity set manually or automatically adjusted,
      • adjustable impedance matching,
      • propagation coefficient adjustment 1% to 99%,
      • waterproof and resistant to mechanical housing.
      • small size and weight.
      • economical power system – 30 hours of continuously scan on one battery set..


      • 0,6 m double-wire lead: WAPRZ0X6DZBB
      • red crocodile clip: WAKRORE20K02
      • Krokodylek czarny: WAKROBL20K01
      • cover M-2: WAFUTM2
    SKU: n/a
  • UT501A Insulation Resistance Tester

    0 out of 5

    1. 2000 count LCD display, overload indication, backlight

    2. AC voltage measurement, auto power off
    3. Auto discharge
    4. Continuous measurements mode, red warning light and buzzer function
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  • JM-8126 58 in 1 Multitool Interchangeable Magnetic Screwdriver Set

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    Brand new 58-in-1 interchangeable precise manual tool set. High hardness and good toughness.
    Professional portable hardware tools with perfect weight & compact design for easy carry.
    Non-slip tough shaft ensures greater comfort and convenience.
    Available for repairing laptops, mobile devices, and other precision items like wristwatches.
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