JM-Y07 Rechargeable Precision Electric Screwdriver Pen

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JM-Y07 Rechargeable Precision Electric Screwdriver Pen
1. 6 Highlighting strong strengths: Can remove 500+ tiny screws/ All metal pen body/ Strong ic motor/ Rechargeable lithium battery/ Universal type-C charging/ Electric & Manual dual mode.
2. Light as weighing only 54.8g: Mini body screwdriver, with all-aluminum metal brushed material, and it is one-piece molding.
3. Forward/ on responds to common thinking: Press the front “R” on to tighten forward, press back “L” on to loosen backwards. Follow the intuitive thinking, and get used to it in a second.
4. High performance power core, no less than the mechanical heart: High-quality motors and bearings make the use smoother. Modular design makes the structure more reasonable.
5. 320mah continuous battery life: 500+ tiny screws can be removed when fully charged.
6. Output shaft protection cover: Prevents the screwdriver head from getting caught in foreign objects, which guarantees user safety.
7. Dedicated type-C charging port: Universal charging for cell phone data cable, the light is red when inserted into the power supply, and the light is off when full.
8. Versatile use, easy to disassemble and modify at your own pace: Easy to handle small torque, can effectively protect the screw from watch, camera, computer host, laptop, UAV, smartphone, etc.


1. Battery capacity: 320 mah
2. Charging port: Type-C
3. Motor maximum torque: 0.2 n.m
4. No-load speed: 190 rpm
5. Manual max torque: 2 n.m
6. Charging cable length: 60 cm

Package List
1. Screwdriver x 1
2. Type-C data cable x 1



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