Our precision screwdriver sets have 47 kinds of matte chrome-plated screwdriver bits & 9 kinds of matte chrome plated sockets. The screwdriver bit has a high-precision bite, double anti-rust treatment, pull-in switch, and incarnate 12 operation combinations, this high-end household screwdriver set can calmly deal with various maintenance scenarios, and can always control them with ease. Our precision household screwdriver sets are widely used in bicycle repair, model disassembly, home appliance repair, mechanical repair, and digital product disassembly.


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JAKEMY Professional Screwdriver Set With S-2 Driver Bit DIY Repair Tools Kit Set JM-6125


60-in-1 precise hand toolset

With fine workmanship, the toolset is high-precision and durable

Designed for repairing bicycles, mobile phones, hard drives, and other electronic products



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  • MRU-21 Earth Resistance Meter

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    Possible measurements:

    • earth resistance measurment with 3-pole method,
    • measurement of continuity of equipotential bondings and protective conductors with auto-zero function – with current 200 mA,
    • resistance measurement using 2-pole method.
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  • LM50D Laser Distance Meter (Curvature Edition)

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    1. Ergonomic exterior, comfortable handling

    2. Millimeter accuracy
    3. Large, HD display
    4. Auto voice and audio indication
    5. Curvature measurement, test curve length via the roller
    6. Auto power off after 3 minutes without operation
    7. Convenient angle measurement via electronic leveling
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  • UT222 2500A ACA DCA Digital Clamp Meters

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    UT222 are stable and safe 3 5/6 digit AC&DC digital clamp meters.It is perfectly designed with over-load protection for all ranges and the unique structure, making it a superb professional meter especially for electricians.
    An ideal tool for the maintenance and troubleshooting needed in metallurgy, manufacturing, petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, etc;

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