RF-KB11 RF4 Double Head Brush 3D blade and glue removal brush 2 in one

maintenance knife tools and IC Pad cleaning brush

15cm*7.3cm*2cm 65g

RF4 Double Head Brush 3D blade and glue removal brush 2 in one phone mainboard chip pry knife ESD Motherboard dust brush Cleaner

1: Removing A8 and A9 CPU will not lose points
2: Remove a4-a9cpu upper layer
3: Upper CPU deflate
4: Remove the baseband CPU WiFi module without dropping points
5: Remove the 6S power supply IC and various glass ICs without damaging the glass and dropping points
6: Remove all kinds of black glue chips without dropping points
7: Remove all kinds of glass IC without damaging the glass and dropping points
8: Widen the scraping milling cutter, which can be scraped once without repeated scraping back and forth
9:Small carving knife
10: Dismantle all kinds of new products, scrape oil and tin, and the soft knife will not hurt the tin spot
11. Double-ended repair tool,One end with a brush, do not shed hair easy to clean the motherboard, the other end can be installed 3D blade.



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