UT345C LPG Tank Level Checker

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UT345C LPG Tank Level Checker

UT345C is a portable ultrasonic measuring device. It can quickly determine the filling level of liquefied gas bottles by LED indication. It can be used in food processing places, camps or barbecues, gas bottle sales, catering services and other places where gas bottles are used.

Specifications of UT345C LPG Tank Level Checker

Applicable gas tanks/bottles Steel and aluminum standard propane or butane LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) storage tanks with 8-14 inches (approx. 200-350mm) in diameter
LED color Green: There is liquefied gas at this level
Red: No liquefied gas at this level
Green/red flashing: Measuring
Measurement method Press the probe 90 degrees vertically at different positions of the bottle to measure and then check the LED color
Operating temperature/humidity -15~40°C ≤85%RH
Storage temperature -10~60°C ≤75%RH
Drop test 0.5m
General Characteristics
Product color Red and grey
Product weight TBD
Product size 28×32×143mm
Battery type AAA (LR03) 1.5V×2
Standard accessories User manual, safety instruction



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