A25F PM2.5 Meter


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1. Precise PM2.5 concentration based on pre-calibrated sensors

2. Temperature measurement (°C/°F)
3. Humidity measurement
4. Emoticon display
5. LCD backlight and red backlight alarm
6. Battery status, low power, auto power off
7. Formaldehyde concentration

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5 in stock

A25M (handheld) /A25D (benchtop) /A25F (benchtop) are air quality meters used to measure PM2.5 concentration.  A25F can also measure formaldehyde  concentration. PM2.5/Formaldehyde concentrations display different emoticons on screen to help users visualize their environmental conditions.
A25 series can be used in homes, laboratories, offices, hotels, schools, factories, conference rooms, airports, hospitals, restaurants, and many other public places.
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 13 cm
Specifications Range A25F
PM2.5 (ug/m³) 0~100 ±(10ug/m³+10dgts)
101~400 ±(10%+30dgts)
401~500 ±(10%+50dgts)
Formaldehyde (mg/m³) 0~0.6 ±0.06 mg/m³
0.6~2 ±10%
Temperature (℃) 0~2mg/m³ ±1℃
Temperature (℉) 0~2mg/m³ ±1.8℉
Humidity 5%~99%RH ≤0.14mg/m³: ±25%+0.05mg/m³
≥0.15mg/m³: ±50%+0.05mg/m³
Auto power off
Low battery indication
Red backlight alarm
LCD backlight
Concentration emoticon
General Characterisitics
Power 1500mAh rechargeable polymer battery
Display 42mm x 65mm
Product color White and grey
Product net weight 230g
Product size 75mm x 55mm x 130mm
Standard accessories 1m micro interface cable
Standard individual packing Gift box, blister, English manual
Standard quantity per carton 5pcs
Standard carton measurement 360mm x 185mm x 140mm
Standard carton gross weight 2.35kg



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