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  • GENERAL INTRODUCTION:Model 55 adopted scale integrated circuit and distinctive function transferring circuit. This clamp meter measures DC/AC Voltage, AC/IDC Current, Resistance.GENERAL FEATURES:Maximum Display: 1999 automatic polarity displayTesting method: double integrals A/D converterSampling rate: twice per secondOverload Indication: only appeared on the top positionMax common mode voltage: 500V DC/AC valid valueOperating Temperature/Humidity OºC to 40ºC < 80% RHStorage Temperature/Humidity 10Cto 50C e85% RHPower supply: Battery type: two 7 batteries (AAA)Low Voltage Indication: “+ -“Static electric current: about 2mAJaw split size: 32mm, jaw inner diameter 30mmDimensions: 160mm x 63mm x 23mmWeight: 120g (including battery. (LxWxH) approx.)



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    BM5268 AC Digital Clamp meter Technical parameters
    Functions Range Accuracy
      DC  Voltage   400mV/4V/40V/400V/600V ±(0.8%+2)
      AC  Voltage   4/40/400/600V ±(1.2%+5)
      AC  Current   4/40/400/600A ±(2%+10)
      Ω  Resistance   400/4K/40K/400K/4M/40MΩ ±(1%+3)
      Capacitance   10n/100n/1μ/10μ/100μ/1m/10mF ±(3%+5)
       Frequency   10/100/1K/10K/100K/1M/30MHz ±(0.5%+3)
       ºC/ºF   -50ºC~1000ºC ±(1%+5)
       -58ºF~1832ºF ±(1.2%+6)
      Functions Range Accuracy
      True RMS
      Manual range
      Automatic range
      Auto power OFF About  10minutes
    Auto power OFF/Manually turn it off
      Diode Test
      VHZ      voltage measuring frequency
    Phase line recognition
      Continuity Testing
      Data hold
      INR Surge voltage
      low Battery indication
      Overload protection
    Greatest display 1999
      Jaw Size Φ30mm
            General Features
      Power                                     DC9V(6F22)Battery
      Color Gray+Red
      Weight About 220g
     Size 195×64×35mm
      Standard accessories Multimeter leads+Batteries+Temperature Sensor
      Standard Pack Color Box,User Manua
      Safety rating EN61010-1,CAT.II 600V



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  • UT120C Pocket Size Type Digital Multimeters

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    Main Features

    1. Auto range

    2. Auto polarity indication

    3. Relative mode

    4. Data hold

    5. Auto power off

    6. Capacitance measurement

    7. AC/DC current measurement

    8. Complies with CE (European Union) directives

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  • JM-Y02 Precision Electronic Screwdriver Set For Maintenance

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    Cell phone/Tablet/Camera/Laptop/Glasses

    Brand: JAKEMY
    Model: JM-Y02
    Name: Electric screwdriver set
    Torsion: 0.1-2.5kgf.cm
    Speed: 395 r/min
    MAH: 800 mA
    Rated output voltage: 3.7 V
    Duration: 3 H
    Product material: Aluminum alloy Shell, Anodized surfaceUsage:
    Phillip 1.5: for Samsung, MI
    Slotted 2.0: for iPhone
    Torx T2: for Huawei, OPPO and VIVO
    Pentalober(Star): for iPhone
    Mainboard Phillips, Tri-wing:0.8: for new iphone 7 and above models

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  • UT309C Professional Infrared Thermometer

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    1. 3m drop proof, IP65

    2. Large LED display with backlight

    3. MAX/MIN/AVG/DIF mode

    4. High/Low temperature alarm with LED indication

    5. Dual laser measurement to enhance accuracy

    6. Lock measurement

    7. Adjustable emissivity: adjust according to different testing materials

    8. Data hold, auto power off function

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  • UT 205A+

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    1. 1000A AC current measurement
    2. 1000V AC/DC voltage measurement
    3. 600A inrush current measurement (UT206A+)
    4. Temperature  (UT206A+)
    5. NCV (UT206A+)
    6. ACV frequency 10Hz~10kHz
    7. Jaw opening: 45mm
    8. Resistance / capacitance / frequency measurement
    9. Auto range / backlight / low battery indication
    10. Continuity / diode / duty cycle
    11. MAX/MIN
    12. Data hold / flashlight / relative mode
    13. Auto power off
    14. CAT II 1000V/CAT III 600V
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  • A37 CO2 Meter

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    Main Features

    1. Automatic baseline correction

    2. Audible and visual alarm

    3. Low battery indication

    4. Auto power off

    5. Backlight

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