KADA 952 Hot Air and Soldering Station SMD SMT Rework Station

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Soldering Station-KADA 952 SMD Hot Air Gun Rework Station With Solder Iron
KADA 952 soldering station is a combination of both hot air soldering station and soldering iron for soldering or de-soldering SMD components and through hole components. The hot air gun can be used for easily removing or soldering various devices such as BGA, QFP, SOP, PLCC, SOJ chips and etc.
KADA 952 digital soldering station has three knobs which control hot air volume, hot air temperature, and soldering iron temperature. The temperature range of hot air is from 100°c~420°c , for soldering iron is from 200°c~480°c .The hot air knob has 8 shifts, which provide different speed and volume of air flow for different use. The Diaphragm Pump capable of producing gentle and stable air flow without blowing off small SMD components. With two LED digital display for hot air and iron, you can easily get your desired temperatures. The machine provides stable temperature which is not effected by the volume of air flow.
The soldering iron can be unplugged easily. ESD SAFE design provides extra safety for sensitive components. High quality ceramic heating element rises the iron temperature rapidly in 3 second.
Automatic cooling system which delay the shutdown with a timer to prevent the heating element from overheating and ensure long lasting usage.
Designed to be compatible with the widely popular HAKKO 800 series hot air nozzles and HAKKO 900M series soldering tips



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