UT 205A+

1. 1000A AC current measurement
2. 1000V AC/DC voltage measurement
3. 600A inrush current measurement (UT206A+)
4. Temperature  (UT206A+)
5. NCV (UT206A+)
6. ACV frequency 10Hz~10kHz
7. Jaw opening: 45mm
8. Resistance / capacitance / frequency measurement
9. Auto range / backlight / low battery indication
10. Continuity / diode / duty cycle
12. Data hold / flashlight / relative mode
13. Auto power off
14. CAT II 1000V/CAT III 600V

10,200 11,990


UT205A+ 1000A AC Clamp Meter

UT205A+/UT206A+ 1000A AC clamp meters are reliable and portable tools for electronics and electrical maintenance. Featuring a lightweight and slim design, and backlight for working in dark environments. These meters also feature duty cycle, NCV, MAX/MIN, and Inrush current measurement.



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  • Titan TN-3010D 30V 10A Direct Current Regulated Laboratory Power Supply

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    This unit now features a Dual LED display with highly accurate LED digital readout.

    High stabilized output voltage.

    Maximum output is 30V at 10A.

    Short circuit protection.


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  • YIHUA 303D DC Power Supply

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    303D communication maintenance power supply is a single line output of stabilized high accuracy

    DC stabilized power supply. The output voltage and current can be adjusted continuously within the

     rated range. The load current has MA conversion with two settings: 0-3A and 0-99 mA. Constant

    voltage and constant current (CV/CC), automatic switching of working modes. Double digital display

    shows output voltage and current independently. Several protection functions include current

     limitation, voltage reduction, short circuit protection, over-temperature protection, etc. The design

     is applied to production line of the plant, maintenance, laboratories and is also a necessary device

    for the communication industry.

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  • Mastech MS2101 – Digital clamp multimeter

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    Digital clamp meter to measure AC/DC current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency and duty cycle.

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  • UT309C Professional Infrared Thermometer

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    1. 3m drop proof, IP65

    2. Large LED display with backlight

    3. MAX/MIN/AVG/DIF mode

    4. High/Low temperature alarm with LED indication

    5. Dual laser measurement to enhance accuracy

    6. Lock measurement

    7. Adjustable emissivity: adjust according to different testing materials

    8. Data hold, auto power off function

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  • ,

    UT261B Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Indicator

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    UT261 series is used for determining 3-phase power phase sequence, missing phase indication, and motor phase  rotation (UT261B). UT261A and UT261B can measure AC voltage of 40~700V and 90~600V respectively.  These devices can operate in frequency range of 15~400Hz. UT261 are durable devices which can withstand impact from 2 meter’ s height. Test leads with protective tubing are included in optional accessories.

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