UT523A Earth Resistance Soil Resistivity Tester


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UT523A Earth Resistance Soil Resistivity Tester

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UT523A Earth Resistance Soil Resistivity Tester

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 19 × 9 cm
Basic Functions Range Best Accuracy
Model   UT523A
Earth resistance 0.00Ω~19.99Ω ±(2%+5)
20.0Ω~199.9Ω ±(2%+5)
200Ω~1999Ω ±(2%+5)
2.00kΩ~19.99kΩ ±(2%+5)
20.0kΩ~210.0kΩ ±(2%+5)
Soil resistivity 0.00Ωm~99.99Ωm Decided by measuring precision of R: (ρ=2πaR  a:1 m~100m, π=3.141)
Earth voltage AC 0.00~750V ±(2%+5)
Testing resistance 128Hz/111Hz/105Hz/94Hz(AFC)
Measuring method Earth resistance: rated current pole changing method with Max 20mA measuring current;
soil resistivity: quadrupole method (Wen-Na method );
earth voltage: average rectifier (between P(S) and ES interfaces)
Short-circuit testing current AC 30mA max
Open-circuit testing voltage AC 40V max
Auto range
Distance between electrodes 1m~200m can be set.
Testing voltage waveform Sine wave
Line voltage Measure when the voltage is below 750V AC
Low battery indicator ≤7.5V
Data hold
Alarm function
RS232 interface
Withstand voltage AC 3700V/rms(between circuit and case)
LCD backlight
Data storage 300 groups
Auxiliary earth resistance test 0.00KΩ~30kΩ(100R+rC<50kΩ, 100R+rP<50kΩ)
Overload protection Earth resistance measurement: input 280V AC between C(H) and E, P(S) and ES for 3s
Interference test Auto identify interference signals, when interference voltage is higher than 5V, the symbole NOISE is displayed.
Measuring time(s) More than 5000 times (perform short circuit test once, and again after 30s)
Insulation resistance Above 20MΩ (500V between circuit and case)
General Characteristics
Power supply DC 9V (6 Zinc-manganese dry batteries, R14S 1.5V; can continuously standby for 300hrs)
LCD size 128mm×75mm
Product color Red and grey
Product weight 1443g (including batteries)
Product size 215mm×190mm×95mm
Standard accessories Standard test lead, simple test lead, batteries, PC software CD, RS232 interface cable
Standard Individual Packing Tool box, gift box, English manual, warranty card
Standard Quantity Per Carton 4pcs
Standard Carton Measurement 650mm×560mm×300mm
Standard Carton Cross Weight 30kg (including batteries)



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