Ut8805e Benchtop Digital Multimeter 5 1/2 Digits Digital Multimeter

1. True 5½-digit reading resolution
2. Up to 5k rdgs/s sampling rate
3.Multiple mathematical operations
4. True-RMS,AC voltage range:750V,AC current range:10A
5. Built-in thermocouple cold junction compensation
6. Arbitrary sensor measurement
7. 1Gb flash memory storage which can support up to 10k data recall
8. With 4.3 inches TFT LCD. Pass/Fail
9. Support USB, GPIB, RS-232C and LAN interface; support USB-TMC, IEEE 488.2 standard, VXI11 and SCPI language

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Ut8805e Benchtop Digital Multimeter 5 1/2 Digits Digital Multimeter

UT8805E is an auto-ranging, true RMS desktop digital multimeter with 199999 counts, up to 5K rdgs/s, 300kHz frequency response, and a 4.3-inch TFT LCD. Pass/Fail, maximum value/minimum value/average value/relative value measurement, etc., 10K reading history data record, 1Gb Nand Flash total capacity. It is a superior electrical measuring instrument. It is suitable for measurement in electronics, communications, manufacturing, petroleum, national defense, electric power, chemical and other industries. It is an indispensable experimental tool for various colleges and universities.




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