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YIHUA 08B/08C Soldering Iron Tip Brass Wire Ball Cleaner Replacement Solder Tips Cleaner (Small-Size #08B / Large-Size #08C) (Small)

About this item

  • A Must-have trio – Sturdy Holder+ Strong Brass Wool Ball + Premium Rosin Flux Base. Offers effective oxide residues removal, extends tip life and enables the tip to work better.  
  • Quick and Easy – Hassle-free cleaning method provided. To use the tip cleaner, simply heat the soldering iron to 662 – 716 °F /350 -380°C, dip the heated solder tip in the tip cleaner, then twist it to do the cleaning. After that, coat the tip with new solder to prevent tip oxidation. Done!
  • All about the Brass Wool Ball – Made from high-quality brass, can remove the buildup of oxides from the solder tips effectively. Being water-free helps preserve the heat, encouraging work efficiency.
  • All about the Rosin Flux – The premium rosin flux can make solder tips oxides-free by removing oxides and sealing out air. Besides, can improve wetting behavior of the liquid solder. The rosin flux occurring as typical Glassy Solid is what it should be at normal temperature. Simply provide it with some heat to let it melt and perform.
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