UT 278A+ Series Clamp Earth Ground Testers

● Auto range
● Data hold
● Data recall
● LCD backlight
● Resistance limit alarm
● Low battery indication
● Auto calibration

94,200 95,000


UT270+ Series Clamp Earth Ground Testers

UT270 series can quickly and safely measure the grounding system without disconnecting circuit ground lines or the need of auxiliary electrodes. It can measure resistance from 0.01Ω with a resolution of 0.001Ω. UT275 can also measure leakage current up to 30A. These clamps’double insulation design makes them durable tools for outdoor work and effective in blocking interference from the environment.



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  • CMM-11 Multimeter

    0 out of 5
    • manual and automatic range selection
    • HOLD function for holding measured values
    • MAX/MIN” function for displaying extreme values
    • compact housing  – allows to store the device in a pocket
    • increased resistance to falls from heights above 2 m thanks to the elastomer coating
    • built-in Bluetooth module for data transfer to mobile devices
    • built-in flashlight for lighting the measuring places
    • Beeper for sound signal circuit continuity
    • Auto-OFF function for automatic switching off of the unused device
    • display 3¾ digit (count max 4000)
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  • UT681C Cable Tester

    0 out of 5

    Main Features

    1. Tests Ethernet cables and telephone lines

    2. Equipped with RJ45 interface for Ethernet cable and RJ11 interface for telephone line testing

    3. Ethernet cables: Shielded/Unshielded test

    4. Visible LED indication

    5. Automatically check circuit breakage, short circuit and cross circuit

    6. Can toggle between fast and slow speed test modes

    7. Single key operation

    8. Manual/auto power off (after 10-minute inactivity)

    9. Low battery indication

    10. Power supplied by 9V layer-built battery

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    Features Of Handheld YX-360TRE-B Analog Meter Voltmeter:

    • High accuracy analogue multimeter for general purposes.
    • Mirrored needle indicator with an accurate reading.
    • Check both AC and DC parameters with continuity buzzer on Ohms.
    • Up to 1000V on both AC and DC Voltage.
    • 19 versatile ranges for general-purpose testing.
    • Fuse & Diode protection.
    • Compact sizing.
    • Tilt back-stand.
    • The large and mirrored scale of 80mm length.
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  • A13T Temperature Humidity Meter

    0 out of 5

    1. Sampling time: 10s

    2. Display of temperature, humidity, date and time
    3. Clock function: 12/24 hour modes
    4. Alarm clock: Rings up to 60s
    5. ℃/℉ selectable
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  • MC Tip OT SK

    0 out of 5
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  • LM576LD Laser Levelers

    0 out of 5

    Features of LM576LD  Laser Levelers

    Certificates 576LD

    ● Osram LD green laser
    ● Self-leveling mode & manual mode
    ● Outdoor pulse mode

    ● 5200mAh Li-ion battery
    ● Type-C DC-in port
    ● Complimentary bracket

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