WRNM-1502 K Type Handheld Temperature Controller Surface Thermocouple Probe 0-300c

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WRNM Series Handheld Type K Surface Thermocouple 


They are widely used in sectors including textile printing and dyeing, paper making, plastic, rubber, chinaware, aluminum alloy and barn. They are used for measuring the surface temperature of different shapes of solid state mediums, internal temperature of liquid, gas, rubber and barn. They are not limited to the surface shape and easy to carry, especially for temperature measurement of processing site and mobile operation.

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  • SVC 1000VA

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    Input=120V 270
    Under and Over Volt Protection
    Surge Protection
    Over Load and Heat Protection
    Copper Wind with LCD Display

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  • UT352 Sound Level Meter

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    1. MAX/MIN modes

    2. Auto power off (cancelable)

    3. 63 sets data storage

    4. AC/DC analog signal output

    5. Over/under range indication

    6. Data hold, LCD backlight

    7. Simulated analog bar

    8. A (ear)/C (machine) weighting modes

    9. Manual/auto range selectable

    10. Fast/slow response rate (fast: 125ms, slow: 1s)

    11. Powered by batteries or external power source

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    -New Function:Frequency Test

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    -Two Mode LED Test :

    -DMM LED Socket Test Mode .

    -UUT(PCBA) LED Test Mode(using test lead).

    -Light up LED without considering the polarity.

    -Voltage,Resistance,Continuity Testing,Capacitance Test.

    -Data Hold,Diode Test.

    -Frequency and Duty Cycle.

    -MAX Input Current 10A.



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    1. Auto power off

    2. LCD backlight
    3. High voltage output alarm
    4. 99-group data storage
    5. Data hold
    6. Meets IEC 61557:  61557-1:2007;  61557-2:2007;  61557-4:2007
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