YIHUA 936 Soldering Station


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Application Scope

  1. Production lines for electronic products , suitable for desoldering of small solder joints ,components.
    2. Repair industry for moblie phone.
    3. SMD components requiring the highest precision

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1.YIHUA 936 features rapid heating,fast temperature compensation,High-precision and

stable temperature control, this can effectively prevents cold solder joints.

2.An anti-static design effectively prevents damage to delicate components;

3.Our equipment applies the high quality metal heater which will not be twisted off and longer life.

4.Employs new solid-mold manufacturing processes, withstanding voltage and drop damage

Standard Configuration

Main unit    1set

Soldering iron handle (include iron tips and heater)    1pc

Iron holder      1pc

High temperature resistant sponge     1pc

Manual 1pc

Power plug :1pc

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 19 × 20 × 13 cm

PRODUCT Parameters:

Rated voltage AC 220V±10%  50Hz
Output power 50W
Operating Environment 0~40℃  relative humidity<80%
Storage environment -20~80℃  relative humidity<80%
Dimensions 36*17*11.5CM
Weight 1.7KG
Operating voltage AC 26V±10%  50Hz
Output power
Temperature range 200℃~480℃
  Temperature Stability ±10℃ (Static)
Heating elements Common heater
Tip-to-Ground Impedance <2Ω
Tip-to-Ground Voltage <2mV



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